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Susan Meyer is the spa manager, a medical aesthetician, and past licensed massage therapist.  She specializes in giving her clients customized treatments to address a wide diversity of skin care needs.  She takes into account their lifestyle, health, and nutritional habits that could possibly affect their skin.  Make-up, diet, and skin care products are discussed in her one-on-one consultations.

By administering light treatment therapy, she has achieved outstanding results in clients for the treatment of acne.  The Meisenheimer Day Spa is the only location in all of Central FL which offers such revolutionary treatments with the Omnilux light unit. This procedure has been seen on "The Doctors" and there are many articles written about the benifits of this treatment.    Susan combines her knowledge of products, treatments and the light theripy to achieve success for her clients. She also offers anti-aging services for skin rejuvenation and works tirelessly on problem skin conditions for clients of all ages. 

Her ability to address all aspects of skin care needs is one of the things her clients love about her.  She prides herself on her long-term client following, of which she nurtures with passion and integrity.


The Meisenheimer Day Spa News


*Blue Acne Light Treatments
*Red Light Treatments


This FDA approved non-invasive light treatment is great for reduction of acne and redness by up to 81%


*We are NOW OFFERING a full line of Pure Fiji and Image skin care products.



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